sleep deprivation ?

I’ve read in a few articles here and there that sleep deprivation can cause many (interesting) effects. such as hallucinations.

Not to exclude many psychological effects.

It can also mimic effects of a few disorders,

So you know what? i am intrigued. i don’t want to research something that i can perhaps go through. Also, i always saw sleep as a waste of time that i can use to do something productive. Sleep always seemed to annoy me somehow.

In the name of science, i will go through 5 nights of non stop and document my daily thoughts. starting from the 23rd of July, till (hopefully) the 27th, i will not sleep.

It’s a very unofficial research.

So stay tuned, or not.

Dear older me ~

I’ve noticed that most old people are really conservative about lots of things.

But they were young people once, weren’t they? they were 17 once too.

They were once open to question religion and politics.

They were more accepting of differences, most of the time.

I bet if they met the right people, at the age of 17, i bet they’d be more accepting of gays, even if during the 70s.

But now they tell us that they were ‘dumb and oblivious’ when they were young. They tell us that once we grow older we’ll change our minds and know the real world.

But dear older me, please don’t ever change your current mentality. Embrace whichever sexuality you want. Don’t look at young people with their trends and think ‘my generation was better and the rest is just, bad’



‘Where were you last period?’

‘Oh I left early’

‘Why did you miss class?’

‘I had a thing to do’

‘A thing?’

‘Yeah. I gave a note in.’

‘A ‘thing’ is not an excuse, if you’re working, doing a thing is not good’

Teachers have this mentality that students have no life outside school. while school does play a big part in any students life, there are other stuff. But unless you’re 30, apparently you don’t have stuff to do. lots of people judge 20 year olds too, saying ‘you have no worries in your 20s’

because its a competition.